50 Years of Child Care Excellence 1966-2016
parent feedback

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Thank you to all of our Messiah Parents for your kind words and you continued support of our school.

You are sooooo very appreciated!!


Letters from Messiah families:

Hi Karen-I would like to take this opportunity to commend Messiah's preschool program and your staff. Allow me to share with you what I have observed about my Jack since beginning his journey at Messiah. As an only child, Jack arrived at Messiah as a somewhat awkward and timid toddler. Spending the day with many other children and adults must have been very overwhelming for him. Your staff recognized this immediately and took the necessary steps to bring about acceptance of this new world he had just entered into. In our home, Jack has been raised with love. This has continued on at Messiah. In our home, we have tried to instill right from wrong. This has continued at Messiah. In our home, we have introduced Jack to God and religion. This has continued at Messiah in a very big way. Our Jack now prays with hands clasped and head bowed. He has become familiar with Bible stories. But the pinnacle for us was his rendition of the Last Supper. I became very emotional. As devote Catholics, religion is the foundation of not only the family, but how Jack will lead his life as a future adult. What was once just vocabulary has blossomed into full conversations. Jack is now very well mannered, courteous and respectful: I hear words like: please, thank you, no thank you and Yes (not yea) and too many more to mention. Jack's transformation since entering Messiah is both significant and notable. Karen, I would like to personally praise and thank the staff involved with Jack's personal and educational strides. My little caterpillar has turned into a butterfly, and this Nonna is very grateful. 


To Karen and the Messiah family-

We can't thank you enough for taking such good care of Josh the past 2 1/2 yars.  It always made leving for work a bit easier knowing he was at a great place to learn, with people who loved him. All our best...


Dear Karen- Thank you for 6 years of such wonderful experiences for all my children.  Messiah is a very special place.  it is so obvious how much love and time and effor is put into the school.  My children have gained so much from being a part of the Messiah community.  I can't thank you enough!!! With much love...


To Laila's teachers and the entire Messiah Lutheran CC staff- On this eve of Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you know how thankful we are of all of you.  Laila has found a wonderful school that supports her academically, spiritually and emotionally.  Our family has found a caring community that has suppported us during this very difficult time.  Thank you for being there for us! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Love...

Miss Karen-Sad does not describe how we feel to say goodbye.  i am certain all other schools will suffer in comparison.  thank you for providing such positive leadership to an amazing staff of teachers.  You have all loved and nurtured Morgan and provided her

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