50 Years of Child Care Excellence 1966-2016
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Welcome to Messiah Child Care!!!

Welcome to  Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center!!

Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center is located on the north side of Park Ridge, near Lutheran General Hospital and Maine East High School, in the education building of Messiah Lutheran Church. 

Our Playground

Messiah has a very large outdoor play area with plenty of playground equipment and space to run and play.

The school's playground has been expanded with the generosity of Messiah families.  Monies have been raised through school fund raisers and the playgrounds have been installed with parent volunteers. Most recently, we have added a bricked patio and picnic table area, as well as an attractive, secure fence encircling our entire playyard, 

Art at Messiah

Each day, the children have the opportunity to create art at the classroom's open art table, in addition to doing the day's art project.

Additionally, classrooms study the biography and the artwork of specific artists each month and have the opportunity to create in the style of the artist. The children have taken outdoor photographs like Ansel Adams, thrown paint at a large canvas ala Jackson Pollack and painted while lying on their backs like Michelangelo.

Music with Miss Laura

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Miss Laura alternates days and joins our classes in the church to engage in lively music with a Christian emphasis.  Each week, they play their guitar and sing with the children. Additionally, she introduces the children to other musical instrument families-brass, reeds, percussion, strings-giving the children a chance to hear and learn about the music they produce.

Weekly chapel service

On Wednesday mornings, Messiah's pastor leads chapel service for the children. Our chapel services include music, prayer and stories.  The children are invited to bring canned or boxed food as a donation to the Maine Township Food Pantry.

Classroom visits from our pastor

Messiah Lutheran Church's pastor visits the children in their classrooms each week.  The classroom visits include stories, singing and prayer.

Throughout Messiah's curriculum, the children learn about God's love for them.  We share prayers at our class openings, at snack and at lunch.

Spanish Class

The children learn Spanish vocabulary and play games in Spanish when Miss Duvia visits each classroom once a week. The children have learned how to count as well as name their colors, numbers, pieces of clothing, parts of the body, seasonal words and much more.


In all classes, the children enjoy their daily story/literature time.  Teachers read books related to the weekly curriculum themes. A rich selection of books and pre-reading activities are always available to stimulate children's interest in literature.

Additionally, the 4 year old classes study an author  of children's books each month.  The children learn the biography of the author and are read books, throughout the monthy, written by that author.

Dance/movement class with Miss Pat

Miss Pat leads a dance/movement class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  The class is available as an extra curricular activity (additional charge) and includes beginning dance and movement activities.  It is popular with boys and girls alike.  The children hold two performances during the year.  At Christmas, they perfom 'The Peanutcracker' and in May they conclude their class with a program on the stage at LGH.  Parents and classmates are invited to view both shows.

Lunch at Messiah

Hot lunch is served at noon. Our lunches are catered from Quality Catering and include a wide variety of delicious, child-friendly food.  Children also have a snack in the morning and full day students enjoy an afternoon snack, as well. Lunch menus can be found on our web page and are distributed to families every 3 months.

Messiah is a peanut-free school.