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Playground in the Summertime!!

Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center

Important Dates to Remember

May/June 2022


2 – Manna Orders Due

3 - Spring Conferences – Miss Suzanne (Pre K-2)

4 – Spring Conferences – Miss Terri (Jr. K/Kindergarten)

5 - Manna orders distributed

5 - Spring Conferences – Miss Jen (Pre K-1)

5 – Visit from the Park Ridge Librarians 

9 - Spring Conferences – Miss Cindy (Pre K-2)

10 – Restaurant Fundraiser – Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – (4-9 pm)

12 - Spring Conferences – Miss Cristina (Pre K-1 Youngest 3’s)

13 – Spring Conferences – Miss Kirstin (Pre K-1)

26 – Jr. K/Kindergarten Luncheon (Portillo’s – 11:45 am)


31-All-school End of the Year family picnic on school playground

(5:30pm-weather permitting)


 1 – Jr. K/Kindergarten Program and Reception (6:00 pm)

2 – Last Day of school

3, 6-10 MESSIAH CLOSED – (Cleaning Days)

13 – Summer program begins!

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Calendars/Classroom pages


Monthly Manna/Script gift card fundraising forms

Miss Pat's Kid's Dance Express Registration Form

Thanks to Miss Pat for  the wonderful 2021- 2022 classes for Miss Terri's,  Miss Cindy's and Miss Suzanne's rooms. The P'Nut Cracker at Christmas and the end of the year recital in May were AWESOME!! Watch for 2022-23 registration forms in August or at our August Open House.

Messiah's Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten 

Visit Messiah's Jr. Kdgn and Kindergarten classroom and meet the teacher, Miss Terri.  Excellent Kindergarten curriculum, full day child care (with no busing!), afternoon enrichment, huge outdoor playground and much, much more!! 

Evening tours are available to visit Messiah CCC and (call 847.825.3767) Messiah's Kindergarten program's registration and tuition schedule  for the 2022-2023 school year is available by clicking here .

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There are still limited openings in our PK and Kdgn. classrooms for the 2022-2023 school year. Please call at 847.825.3767 for information on our availabilities

Registration and tuition forms for 2021-2022 and 2022-2023programs, as well as summer 2022 are available by clicking HERE .  Due to DCFS classroom protocol, Messiah is not accepting any 2 day enrollments or 2 1/2 hour enrollments. Wait lists have been started for any filled class. Please call 847.825.3767 to schedule a school tour or receive further registration information.

Miss Pat's Dance Class

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Messiah Easter Egg Hunt

Winter time is snow much fun!!

Lice Information (from District 64)

Miss Pat's Dance Program