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Our goal at Messiah is to provide a nurturing environment where the individual physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual growth of each child is encouraged and celebrated.


Our goal at Messiah is to provide a nurturing environment where the individual physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual growth of each child is encouraged and celebrated.

This is accomplished by developing safe, enriching Christian learning environments that promote:

  • a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by modeling, teaching and practicing age-appropriate components of spiritual development

  • loving, nurturing interactions between Christian educators, children and their families

  • inclusive, anti-bias curriculum and policies that reflect the diversity of children and families in our community and the world around us

  • a commitment to exceeding the standards, goals and practices of Early Childhood Center Certification of the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA) and the DCFS Licensing Regulations of the State of Illinois

  • continuing staff growth and development in faith, understanding of how children learn and grow and develop and ways to support parents to the fullest.


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Here's What Families Say About Us!

"We love Messiah! My preschoolers are thriving thanks to the challenging, yet fun learning environment that these hardworking teachers create. We attribute our son's love of learning and school to his wonderful experiences at Messiah!" 

Mercado Family

Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center (MLCCC) is unique compared to other children care centers.  MLCCC is a home-like daycare center with a play centric philosophy that is very clean, orderly, and focused on children’s ability to live out the Christian message.  MLCCC embraces play based philosophy, allowing even two and half years old potty-trained toddlers choose their own activities,  promoting the child’s freedom to make safe choices, explore concepts while playing, and enabling young children to use their imagination to create big ideas. 


I toured many centers when searching for a daycare, and I have found that many day care centers today are focused on pushing STEM ideas and technology to young toddlers and children.   The reality is that our children live in a world with screens and technology, daycares do not need to add many technology pieces , but learning how to engage with their peers, teachers and how to express ideas and concepts is something that tablets and technology cannot offer.


MLCCC has helped each of my three children develop their imagination, express their creative energy and explore their personalities, and helped them learn about Christian values throughout the day.  My youngest daughter is still at MLCCC and I feel very strongly that the MLCCC mission, teachers and staff care for each child’s physical and spiritual development.  The Christian centered philosophy is weaved throughout the day with small prayers and focusing on the gospels throughout the week.  I hope you find MLCCC a warm and loving place for your child as well!     


An engineering mom with a peaceful heart at drop off

Mlekodaj Family

"Messiah is like a second home for us. Our daughter was 2.5 years old when she started Messiah. We were a little bit scared that she might be too young but all the teachers and staff made it so comfortable and safe for her! She loves Messiah and never wants to go home. She likes it so much that we decided to keep her at Messiah for Kindergarten. It is an amazing, friendly, and loving environment for all of the children. We are so happy we chose Messiah. I will recommend this place to everyone."

Wietecha Family
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