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Messiah's 2 year old program is designed to introduce children (24-36 months) to a classroom experience where there is play, art exploration, stories, and music. Children at this age are meant for lots of movements and hands-on experiences. Through exploration of the rich environments we carefully set up, the goal is to support children's development of a healthy and happy sense of self, while introducing routines for them to be ready for the next step.



When a child leaves the 3's class to move along in their preschool experience to the 4's class, we want them to be socially and emotionally comfortable. They should be able to express themselves in meaningful ways. They should be able to consistently demonstrate the ability to take responsibility for their possessions  and to be able to follow more complex directions. These skills will prepare them for the next phase of their learning experience.


When a child has completed a year or so in the 4's class, he or she should be ready for more emotional independence, which can change rapidly. It is the goal of their teachers assigned to the 4's class to provide an interesting, exciting, and most of all, a loving atmosphere. They should be better able to express their feelings, ready for interactive play, have basic problem-solving techniques, and possess the self-help skills required to succeed and flourish in the next phase of their school experience. Along with covering math and reading readiness skills, that's Kindergarten Readiness as we see it.

junior Kindergarten

The Junior Kindergarten program is designed to give Kindergarten aged children (or those who miss the cut-off) an extra year of school before moving into their Kindergarten year. The Jr. Kindergarten class and Kindergarten class work together on curriculum. Both classes share teachers and classrooms. When a student is ready to leave Jr. K they should be able to follow sequential directions, exhibit stronger problem-solving skills, as for assistance if needed, work independently and in groups, explore ideas and most importantly believe that learning is FUN!


Messiah's Kindergarten program is designed to prepare students for entering first grade by providing a STEAM curriculum of reading readiness, literacy, social science, and Christian education. Class size and teacher/student ratio allow for optimum opportunity to prepare academically, socially and emotionally for elementary school classes. We follow Illinois Early Learning Standards.

     1605 Vernon Ave Park Ridge, IL 60068


Hours of Operation:

Childcare     Monday – Friday     6:30am – 5:30pm

Office           Monday – Friday     8am – 5pm

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