Jr. Kdgn./Kdgn

Miss Terri and Miss Rose

Pre K-3

 Miss Cindy and Miss Lavonne

Pre K-2 down

Miss Maggie, Miss Laurie and Miss Laura

Pre K-2 up

Miss Suzanne and Miss Eilis

Pre K-1 Up

Miss Kirstin 

Pre K-1 Down

Miss Bette and Miss Jen

Pre K-1 Y-3

Miss Diane and Miss Sue

Parent-Tot, PK1U, Kdgn.,

Miss Cristina

PK-2D, PK-1D.,

Miss Laura


Messiah Lutheran Church

Interim Pastor Dave

Child Care Director

Miss Karen


Miss Rita

Office Manager

Miss Cathy

Property Manager

Mr. Dave

Lunchroom Manager

Mr. Bob


Miss Cristina


Miss Nena

KIds Dance Express

Miss Pat

Messiah Church Office Manager

Miss Alaine

Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center
Director: Karen Black
1605 Vernon Ave
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Hours: 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. weekdays
phone: 847.825.3767

fax: 847.823.6996


    Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center
    is a ministry of

    Messiah Lutheran Church
    Interim Pastor: David Heim
    phone: 847.823.6984
    fax: 847.823.6996

    email: Office@messiahparkridge.org


    For privacy and safety reasons, many of the photos of children used on this site are free stock photos, and not photos of children who attend Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center.